Welcome from Our Administration

Hello, I am Matt Blankenship, Principal of Stambaugh Middle School.

Welcome, and thank you for showing an interest in our school!  Choosing a school for your child is a very important process regarding his/her educational future. The purpose of this message is to give you a chance to be a better informed shopper.

So, what does SMS offer?:

  1. A school enrollment of around 1100 students.
  2. Several Pre-Academy Courses: Pre-Academy courses align with local high school academies, preparing the students by allowing them to take the introductory academy class for high school credit during 8th grade. A pre-academy student can earn high school credit in Culinary Arts, Digital Information Technology, TV Production, and/or Agriscience Foundations.
  3. Our Extramural Athletic Program consists of basketball, soccer,cross country, track, and girls volleyball.  (To promote academic and social skills, there are requirements to participate in these programs.)
  4. We also have a wide variety of electives and clubs, such as music, art, and many more!
  5. Advanced curriculum:  Each grade level offers advanced level course work.  Students have the opportunity to earn high school credit in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Physical Science during either their 7th or 8th grade years.

Matt Blankenship